28-30 September 2015 South Asia Economic Conclave


  • India's merchandise trade with South Asia was
    US$20 billion in 2013-14 and is growing at 20.18% annually
  • South Asia was home
    to 1.65 billion people in 2013
  • The estimated nominal GDP of South Asia
    is US$2.561 trillion
  • The region has been growing at 6% annually over
    the last two decades.
  • South Asia is home to 26%
    of the entire world's youth

Trade Agreements

The efforts to build an effective economic cooperation have been going on ever since the establishment of SAARC in 1985. Both the governments and businesses in South Asia have started recognizing the benefits of greater economic cooperation in the region, especially in light of the global slowdown. Greater regional economic integration of South Asia has been reflected by several regional as well as bilateral trade agreements being signed by member countries in the region. Below are some of the agreements for reference.